5 Mistakes Mom’s Make that HAULT Fat & Weight Loss!

1.     Not eating breakfast

2.     Not eating after you get done working out

3.     Counting “calories” only

4.     Not eating enough food

5.     Working out too much

Not eating breakfast

When a woman neglects to eat breakfast due to lack of time or not being hungry she actually slows her metabolism for the entire day by up to 15%.  Why is this?  The body is beautiful in the way it works, and if you aren’t feeding it, after fasting for 8-12 hours, it automatically goes into SLOW mode to preserve the energy it needs for the rest of the day.  Many moms say the reason they don’t eat is because they don’t have enough time…here are a few simple breakfasts for the mom on the go: protein smoothie (1 scoop protein, 4-6oz. yogurt, 1/2c. frozen berries and a little milk or water – blend and drink), any piece of whole grain toast, bagel or English muffin with Greek Yogurt, OR grab leftovers from last nights dinner.  No one ever said we had to eat “breakfast” foods for breakfast only or vice versa.

Not eating after you get done working out

Why?  Aren’t you hungry when you get done working out?  This is one of the biggest mistakes I see women make.  Most tell me…”Well, don’t I keep burning calories that way?”  Same rule applies here as not eating breakfast, the body won’t burn off calories effectively because it is un-aware of when you will feed it again.  So what is a good post workout snack?  Anything with a good carb/protein ratio – think Zone here, 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat.  In a rush and just need to grab something quick, bring protein powder in a shaker cup, add water, shake and go (we do this for our babies, and toddlers, why not us moms too?).  Also grab a granola bar and you are set until you get to you next meal, which should be no longer than one hour away!

Counting “Calories” ONLY

Sure, a calorie is a calorie, is a calorie, right?…WRONG!  The calories you choose during the day make a big difference on how your body looks and feels!  One of my clients recently learned this the hard way.  She was on a 1500 calorie meal plan and with the stress of family, traveling, and the holidays she decided to not follow the breakdown of carbs, protein and fat and just watch the calories.  So she replaced whole meals with processed meals and bars…she gained 2% bodyfat, lost 6 pounds of lean muscle and began to feel really lethargic.  In addition, all her health problems began to resurface because the processed foods lacked nutrients.  The body needs a well rounded variety of foods, including wholesome carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats.  This leads me to my next point…

Not eating enough food

Ask any MOM and she will probably tell you she eats anywhere from 1000-1200 calories a day, and it isn’t what she eats that is the problem, it is her portions.  The reason why so many women struggle with “portions” is because 75% of them are UNDER-EATING!  Yep, you heard me right, you are not eating enough calories to maintain your workouts, raise a family, play chauffeur and still have a little time left over for yourself.  A great tool to help you begin to know what you need is the food guide pyramid. http://www.mypyramid.gov/ – this isn’t the old pyramid you’re used to, this one allows you to customize it.  There is even a section for kids and moms who are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Take a few moments and learn how many calories you need…and trust me, once you eat to fuel your body, those pounds will come off!

Working out too much

And the final things moms do to sabotage their weight – work out too much!  Sure, you ate too much yesterday, or maybe over the entire weekend but that marathon workout is not going to burn those calories off.  Actually, that really long workout will do just the opposite – raise your cortisol levels.  Cortisol is known for many wonderful benefits – increased incidence of disease, increased body fat levels, especially in the mid-section, and for increasing overall sugar production. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cortisol Instead create a workout program that you follow daily, for most moms, it shouldn’t be any more than two hours unless you are training for a sport or special event (marathon, triathlon, etc.).



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