About Kimberly Rodgers, LCSW, RPT-S

Kimberly is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor. She currently works in Naples, Florida as founder and therapist of Monarch Therapy, LLC, a holistic therapy center offering psychotherapy, yoga, and massage therapy. She specializes in counseling children and families, as well as adults struggling with unresolved trauma, stress/anxiety, and adjustment to life transitions. In addition to traditional “talk therapy,” she implements expressive approaches including play therapy, sand tray therapy, and art, as well as yoga, mindfulness, and EMDR (trauma specific therapy). Prior to private practice, Kimberly’s experience includes foster care, adoption, youth shelter, youth related research, school-based counseling, and sexual assault crisis center settings. Her bachelor’s and master’s degrees are both in social work, from the University of Georgia and the University of Central Florida, respectively. Kimberly also conducts home studies for prospective adoptive and surrogate families and supervises social workers pursuing licensure and play therapists. She serves as Vice President of the Southwest Florida Association for Play Therapy and is also a member of the National Association of Social Workers, The Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida, and EMDR International Association. More information about Kimberly and her practice can be found online: www.MonarchTherapy.com.

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Integrative Therapy

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Research continues to demonstrate that therapeutic approaches connecting mind, body, and spirit and facilitating integration of the complete brain (including right and left hemispheres, as well as prefrontal cortex, limbic system, and spine) allow for more comprehensive long-lasting healing at a subconscious level. While some find talk therapy beneficial, others may continue to feel "stuck."  Talking, talking, and talking from a problem-oriented mindset can perpetuate the issue and leave some feeling overwhelmed and helpless.  Expressive therapies including art therapy, play therapy, sand … [Read more...]

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

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Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is an evidenced-based practice has been proven as one of the most effective forms of treatment for trauma.  Trauma is experienced when one perceives threat of danger to safety...what is traumatic to one person may not be traumatic to another.  If you are feeling "crazy" because others do not understand, rest reassured that you can find a way to function again.  In addition to treating trauma, EMDR has also been proven highly effective for anxiety, stress, and other life challenges. When someone experiences trauma, the memory often … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning for the Mind

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Welcome to eFitFamily.com!  We're excited to undergo some spring cleaning of our site.  We're refocusing, revamping, and reformulating how we deliver simple steps to help families live healthier every day!  THANK YOU for taking the time to visit us and we hope that you are able to find some helpful information for yourself and/or family.  Look for exciting changes to come, including new writers, fresh material, and video clips of practical tools to use at home, work, or school.  :) … [Read more...]

National Nutrition Month ~ Letter from the Editor


Welcome to National Nutrition Month at eFitFamily!  We invite you to join us in taking small steps towards a healthier diet.  Many families have limited meal options due to a rushed schedule...from work to picking kids up from school to taking kids to gymnastics, soccer, boys and girls scout, to homework time to chores to bedtime...where's all the time to cook a healthy well-balanced meal? We challenge you to find creative ways to make healthy choices for your family...Is your crockpot collecting dust instead of helping cook a vegetable stew while you're at work and the kids are at … [Read more...]