How Dangerous is a Cold Sore?


As I come of age and start to put more focus on starting a family, I have a growing concern for the affects my experience with meningitis will have on my family. 90% of the population is living with either HSV 1 or 2. Many are living with both.  Herpes is still a delicate matter although it has become a "common" virus within our culture. It is still a matter we would rather whisper about than face head on. There is no good or bad herpes, there is just herpes and as commonplace as herpes is today, it can be dangerous. How dangerous is a cold sore? Herpes has been around for a long time and … [Read more...]

Dietary Protection Against Sun Exposure

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Excessive sun exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) has detrimental effects on the immune system causing inflammation; therefore over exposure resulting from sunburn can cause major causes of skin cancer such as basal carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and malignant carcinoma. Americans get less than 25% of their lifetime of UV dose by the age of 18 (1). And three forths of lifetime exposure is delivered during adulthood and older age (1). If you want to decrease your chances of over exposure to the sun, a lifelong photoprotection (protection of self from sun exposure & UVR exposure) … [Read more...]

July 2012 Letter from the Editor

Children Wearing Sunglasses in Circle

We LOVE summer activities!  We’re also aware how time flies when we’re having fun, especially outdoors.  We encourage you to be mindful that your skin is always protected, even if you only plan to be outdoors for limited periods of time.  Vitamin D is so beneficial for your skin and overall health, including boosting your mood, but it’s critical to reduce any risk of skin cancer or other harmful effects of the sun.  Children will enjoy selecting a stylish and fun pair of sunglasses that can also protect their eyes from sunrays.  You can easily make sunscreen application a standard step in your … [Read more...]

To Use or Not To Use

Woman Applying Sunscreen

Being in the Holistic Healing Arts I am aware of the controversies of many products for the skin. One is titanium Dioxide which is a known sunscreen component and covers the skin in white. Well, I have heard that it can be involved with lung cancer. Of course, everyone has different propensities. If your body isn’t likely to have an issue with something then it wont bother you but we don’t always have the luxury of knowing to which ingredients we’ll be reactive. That’s where knowing our family history is useful. If your family has a history for skin cancer then you will have a heads up to get … [Read more...]