Eliminate Fast Food

Fast Food

Our fast paced world is sometimes a challenge when it comes to meal planning. Busy parents often spend their evenings driving children to practices, school functions and study groups. This makes getting a healthy home cooked meal a challenge and many parents and busy professionals turn to fast food as the answer. It’s easy to just dash through the drive through or call the pizza delivery guy but that’s not best for our health! So how can we eliminate fast food? Seems impossible to many, but here are some ideas to help: Plan ahead. When you have a game plan or in this case meal … [Read more...]

Family Summer Fitness


Summer is the time when school children look forward to free time and activities. Parents must find things to do to help their children stay active and avoid spending the summer in front of a monitor, computer or television. Simple ways to help your family stay active and avoid the lazy days of summer. Play dates - Get outside and hit the parks, meet friends and while kids play set up a circuit in the park. Easy stations can be set up using park equipment like the monkey bars for fitness activities. Audio Books - Get your books in mp3 format using them on ipods or mp3 players and plan … [Read more...]

Smart Start to Summer

ifit for life may 2012 jolene

April showers bring May flowers and an opportunity to get a healthy start to summer! The weather is warmer and the sun is out longer giving you more time to be active. Summer is a great time of year to be more active, eat healthier and make new habits. Schedules  change as children are out of school, giving you more time to work on changing habits or adding better ones,seize the opportunity. Do what is easy first- Eat more fruits and vegetables- summer brings healthier choices so take advantage of those choices. Add after dinner strolls- taking a walk after dinner when you have the sun on … [Read more...]

Family Event Night

family running

This month's IFit for Life challenge relates to family bonding.  One suggestion I usually have for families who bring their children in for therapy is to schedule a weekly family event or activity night.  Most families are able to find one evening each week that can be designated as family night...for some families a weeknight is easier, others choose a weekend evening.  The event for the evening can be selected in various ways...family members can rotate who selects the activity for the evening, or they select the event from a family event jar containing ideas in which all family members … [Read more...]