Expressing Appreciation


Do you take the time to tell and show your loved ones how much you care about them? In this fast-paced instant communication society things like simple hand written thank you notes have fallen by the wayside for many. Compliments: When you notice something positive about someone, take a moment to tell them, be it a stranger or a friend. You never know what kind of day someone is having, and one little compliment out of the blue could make their day or possibly even turn it around. How you really feel: Not everyone is a pro at expressing their feelings, for some, it is uncomfortable … [Read more...]

Sound Relaxation and Guided Meditation


Sound Relaxation and Guided Relaxation are other forms of Meditation.  Meditation on its own in the dead space of silence can be difficult without practice. One of the goals of meditation is to clear your active mind of thought, allowing the space for your mind, body, and spirit to simply let go, relax and be.   Often when people first start out, lots of random thoughts will pop into their head as they sit or lay comfortably. Focusing on your breathing does help, but having something tangible to concentrate on such as music or spoken word can make the process far … [Read more...]

Tibetan Bowls Sing Your Body into Healthy Vibrations

Tibetan bowls

It is scientifically proven that all matter vibrates. Some vibrate at higher frequencies, while others vibrate at lower levels. This is its resonant frequency. Every part of your body, including your cells, tissues, bones, and organs have a resonant frequency. When it is out of sync with its normal level, that is when the body has a dis-ease. Maintaining and/or restoring your body’s natural vibrational level is key to good health. This is where the Tibetan Bowls come into play. While the gong is one of the oldest instruments, the Tibetan bowls accomplish the same outcome in the body. The … [Read more...]

Meditation: Learning to Live in the Moment


Do you live in the “now”? Or do you wonder what could have been, should have been, or what will be? Have you noticed that in difficult times some people take it in stride while others experience a lot of stress? Living in the present moment while seeing the larger picture is key to a peaceful mind. Meditation practices the technique of recognizing only the moment in which you are presently living. Over thousands of years, various types of meditation have arisen, but the objective of all these disciplines is the same. That objective being to focus inward in the moment and to accept, have … [Read more...]