Candlelight Yoga Classes Relax and Refresh

candlelight yoga

Imagine the soft glow of candles filling the room while you move fluidly through various asanas (poses). The long holds and gentle stretches help you to unwind and slow down from the stresses of the day. The peacefulness that you feel upon finishing a candlelight yoga class can last all night, assisting in a good night’s rest. Candlelight yoga incorporates poses that are meant to relax you and release tension from chronic stress and fatigue that can build up throughout the day. Several styles are used such as yin yoga and restorative yoga, both of which include poses that promote … [Read more...]

Yoga Classes Build Strength & Flexibility

yoga classes

Trainers and coaches from many disciplines of physical fitness look to yoga classes for additional strength and flexibility. Most gym-related strength training shortens muscles through weight lifting and repetitions. Over time, this continual contracting of the muscles reduces movement of the joint. By incorporating yoga training into their routine, these athletes can begin to heal the muscle through lengthening and flexibility. Yoga postures require you to hold your own body weight, which will build muscle. It is not the type of muscle that a bodybuilder is trying to achieve through … [Read more...]

Attending Your First Yoga Class

yoga class

So, you have been thinking of attending a yoga class in Naples? That is great since there are many health benefits for both body and mind. Do you feel a bit nervous or intimidated? That is a normal feeling for anyone trying something new. Here are a few tips on attending your first yoga class: What should I wear? Participants in yoga classes normally wear clothing that will let them stretch, bend, and move freely. For pants, it is recommended on wearing either full-length yoga pants or stretch capris. Both are made from stretchy material that is available in fabric that will whisk away … [Read more...]

Yoga: 5 Surprising Benefits for All Ages


The ancient practice of yoga has long been known to have many health benefits. Not only is this exercise good for the body, it is also good for the mind and soul. It creates a connection between all three. But, there may be some benefits to yoga that you have not realized. You will sleep better. The nervous system plays a large role in sleep. Yoga helps to relax the nervous system. This results in a better night’s sleep. The meditative aspect during class also helps to ease a racing mind. It increases your circulation. With all of the twisting, turning, stretching, and bending in and … [Read more...]