Which Type of Counseling is Right for You?


In the field of psychotherapy, there are many modalities. For those seeking counseling, finding the right method that works for them is crucial. Sometimes it is just a matter of trying out the different styles to see which one you connect with. Here are the various types of counseling that you will find here at Monarch Wellness. Talk Therapy: By far the most popular counseling style, and one that many people recognize, is talk therapy. This method involves the client talking about his or her issues and concerns to the therapist. After a few sessions, the counselor can get a clear picture … [Read more...]

Redefining LOVE


Love is in the air...and we continue to gently and lovingly confront many social stigmas, from therapy is only for "those" people with issues to Valentine's day is only for couples! :) In honor of this month of LOVE, we ask... What is your passion in life? How are you living your life in alignment with that passion?             (Or how can you be in closer alignment?) Which qualities do you LOVE about yourself? Which qualities within yourself are you willing to embrace with more sensitivity and acceptance? What fears or past residue block love in your life and need to be … [Read more...]

Healing in the Sand

sand tray

"Often the hands know how to solve a riddle with which the intellect has wrestled in vain."  ~ Carl Jung One form of play therapy  is sand tray.  This is a safe way for clients of all ages to find some control over their lives in a healthy way.   Sand tray, or sand play as some models refer to it, allows a safe and contained space for the builder to create a world in the sand by selecting and placing different images representing real or imaginary people, places, or concepts in the sand.     Clients can choose from any of the miniatures representing the real and imaginary world in which … [Read more...]

Power of the Breath


From Judith Kravitz, Founder of Transformational Breath Foundation and the co-creator of the Transformational Breathing process. "Effective breathing is your most important tool for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. 1. Oxygen is the most essential natural resource required by our cells.  It has been said that we can go without food for up to 40 days and without water for three days.  Yet in just three minutes without taking a breath we die.  From a purely physical viewpoint, then, breath equals life. 2. Breathing stimulates the electrochemical processes of every cell in our … [Read more...]