Helping kids adjust to life changes


Children do best in a structured environment but life almost never follows the path we expect. Normality and schedule tend to go off track when life throws you a curve ball. It is inevitable that at some point something unplanned in the adult realm will spill over and affect the children in the family. Divorce - No matter what the family situation a divorce to a child is traumatic. Even though the child is not at fault, and parents do their best to explain, children, especially young ones simply do not understand. The loss is felt deeply. Relocation - Moving to a new town, a new school or a … [Read more...]

Wellness Classes Help Your Child with Confidence

wellness classes

Every generation has its own struggles. Our current, youngest generation is growing up in a world surrounded by social media and technology. With a gadget at every turn, one can lose one’s self in the constant inundation of images, videos, and social media comments. These are issues that previous generations did not have to confront while growing up. In addition to these outside influences, children still need to go through the same self-discovery and growing up stages that all generations in years past had to do. With the additional stressors, it is important that children have the confidence … [Read more...]

Girls Middle School Support Group is Empowering

middle school

Navigating the middle school years can be a challenging time for girls. It is a time of transition from childhood to adolescence. With that, there are many new situations and feelings that they will encounter. Middle school support groups can help with this transition. Physically, girls’ bodies begin to mature during middle school. They can start their menstrual cycle, begin wearing bras, begin having feelings towards boys, begin having “drama” with girlfriends, and begin paying more attention to their appearance. Their world is changing in a biological, emotional, social and psychological … [Read more...]

Sand Tray Therapy Taps into Your Sub-Conscious

sand tray

Sand tray therapy, a non-verbal type of mental health therapy, was developed in England by Dr. Margaret Lowenfeld in the 1920’s. It was found that through the use of miniature toys, sand, and water, clients were able to creatively express emotions, thoughts, and experiences. They could choose from a variety of toys to create the “world” in the sand tray that helped to tell their story. This method of therapy was found to be especially helpful to children since expressing themselves through words can be challenging. Even though children found this method fun, it is also very helpful to … [Read more...]