A Practical Organic Solution for Holiday Parties!

So........the holidays are bearing down upon us.  And suddenly excuses for eating toxic junk that we normally wouldn't consider putting into our bodies are more omnipresent than fake Santas.  Why is it that so many people gain so much weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas?  Oh, you say, it's all the holiday food, parties, stress, cooking, gifts of goodies, treats at work, and on and on, ad nauseum. Really?  Seriously?  Come on now, how many parties do we REALLY go to?  If you're a major social butterfly and the most popular kid in the class, you may go to, what, 10 holiday parties? … [Read more...]

Can Organics Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes?


What ISN'T in organic food is just as important as what IS in organic food! Setting aside the debate for a moment of whether organic foods have higher levels of nutrition content, whether they do or not is not nearly as impactful on health as consuming the toxic chemicals, drugs, hormones, etc. used to grow conventional crops and factory-farmed livestock.  There is mounting evidence that exposure to these chemicals may actually have a CAUSAL relationship to diabetes. In a Finnish study released in August 2011, exposure to Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP's) demonstrated up to double … [Read more...]

Farmers Market Report for March

March is upon us, and whether it comes in like a lion or a lamb, it for sure triggers Spring Fever in everyone!  It's a great time to get out to the Farmers Markets to check out the fresh new seasonal produce, and you may find some early-bird surprises from those farmers who use coldframes and greenhouses! Examples of cool-season crops that may now be available at your local or state Farmers Market include: Asparagus Beets Leafy Greens Green onions Leeks Parsley Radishes Strawberries Turnips Of course, many varieties of produce may also be available that are shipped … [Read more...]

What Exactly IS a Farmers Market?

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Farmers Markets can come in all shapes and sizes, from a small co-op gathering in a parking lot to a complex covering large acreage.   We'll examine some common characteristics of Farmers Markets, and the benefits of shopping at them. According to Wikipedia, a Farmers Market is :  " usually held outdoors, in public spaces, where farmers can sell produce to the public. Whereas these markets were commonplace before the Industrial age, they were often replaced in modernized cities with grocery stores that sell food that is usually pre-packaged and shipped from long distances. With the start … [Read more...]