Coping with stress during holidays

Holiday stress

Stress during the holidays? Those of you who never experience it need not read any further. But for the rest of us … let us think about it. What exactly is it that is causing us stress and why would we actually continue to do that to ourselves??? Wait a second, are you saying, you are not doing it to yourself? It is just what it is, what else can one do? Let me suggest that we human beings do not do anything that is not aimed at meeting at least one of our needs. In a first step I would like you to ask yourself what need of yours you are actually meeting by whatever you are getting … [Read more...]

Balance benefits and risks of being outdoors

paddle boarding

In times where prolonged exposure to the sun, especially in areas close to the equator, such as Florida, has become a significant concern in the eyes of dermatologists, benefits of outdoor activities appear to outweigh the potential costs, leading to something that could be termed “sun phobia”. As discussed in one of my former articles, Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to not only physical health issues, for example bonehealth, Diabetes II, cancer, thyroid and cardiovascular disease. But Vitamin D deficiency appears to be correlated with mood disorders, such as depression. … [Read more...]

The connection between physical and mental health

Brain Health

In my last article I emphasized the importance of particular micronutrients, such as Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D, optimally obtained from a well balanced, high nutrient diet. Today I would like to share some exciting scientific discoveries proving the impact of exercise on mental health. Long-distance runners and triathletes have frequently been observing the “runner’s high”. With the help of fMRI (functional MRI) studies, cognitive neuroscience is now able to observe the physiological correlates of this phenomenon. When we work out, preferably aerobically, and keep our heartbeat … [Read more...]

The Obstacle is the Path


There is a Zen proverb I love that says “the obstacle is the path.” When I was in my teacher training with Baron Baptiste, he would often say, “That which blocks your path is your path,” which essentially means the same thing. This is a worthy concept to consider, and I've been reminding my students, and myself, of it quite often. In yoga class and in life, we encounter many obstacles. On our path to happiness, or losing ten pounds, or a more peaceful relationship with our family - whatever we are seeking - we all encounter blocks along the way. We keep getting smacked in the head … [Read more...]