Andrea’s Blog 3…progress!

Well, it has been another great week for me in terms of fitness and health. I have stuck to eating right, and exercising 5 to 6 days a week. Due to my duties as mother to a busy teenager, I have not been able to attend “Body Combat” and “Body Flow” like I want to, BUT…I have made time to get moving, whether it is at the gym or home. I do notice a change in my stamina. I have gone from 30-45 minutes on the treadmill or bike to a whole hour with increased inclines and tension. I have gotten past the point of wanting to quit when it hurts, to being able to push through the pain and get my second wind and keep going, and it feels fabulous. I have also been able to work in some circuit strength training on the Universal Weight Machines. One day I will do arms, the next day, legs, and I like to work my abs several times a week because that is my biggest problem area. If I cannot get to the gym, I ride the stationary bike at home, and do toning on my own. I have found that for busy working mom’s like me there are so many resources to great exercises with magazines and especially the internet, so “not having time” is no longer an excuse. I have a new philosophy of “Get Moving”, no matter how little or how much time you spend, doing a little something is better than doing nothing. Of course, my ideal workout usually lasts me an hour and a half, but on those days I have to run Zach to Youth Group, 4-H meetings, and the other things he is doing…I make sure I squeeze in some cardio. Even doing something simple like playing a hour’s worth of tennis with my kid on Wii Sports burns calories. Not only are you getting your heart pumping, you are spending time with family. Because of my codependent relationship with the scale, I have not checked my weight loss. I am trying to wean myself from obsessing about pounds. I will get on the scale at the end of the week, and will have an update on my progress by my next blog. I will say that my clothes are becoming looser and I discovered a couple of muscles I did not even know existed. With the shrinkage of my tummy, I noticed muscles on my sides right under my bra line, and my top abdominal muscles are starting to show as well. These are small changes, but in my mind they are HUGE. These tiny accomplishments in working towards a healthier lifestyle keep me motivated, and I now look forward to working out. Even though, weight loss is my ultimate goal, I am realizing that it will come with time, hard work, and persistence of teaching myself how to eat properly. So instead of focusing on the end results, I am concentrating on making better decisions regarding my health and know that the body I yearn for will come eventually.



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Angela has spent 16 years in a high-profile corporate career but elected to follow her dream of educating others to take better care of themselves by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). She's also a National Physique Committee (NPC) competitor and belongs to one of the nation's largest and successful competitive teams. Lastly, as a survivor of childhood cancer she's learned at a young age the importance of making good choices about health, maintaining a positive outlook on life and the impact both have on overall vitality long-term.