Wellness Classes Help Your Child with Confidence

wellness classes

Every generation has its own struggles. Our current, youngest generation is growing up in a world surrounded by social media and technology. With a gadget at every turn, one can lose one’s self in the constant inundation of images, videos, and social media comments. These are issues that previous generations did not have to confront while growing up. In addition to these outside influences, children still need to go through the same self-discovery and growing up stages that all generations in years past had to do. With the additional stressors, it is important that children have the confidence … [Read more...]

Positive Behavior Family Program in Naples

positive behavior

Is there such a thing as the “perfect” family? No, there is not. Families are composed of different personalities all working together to create a life that is successful and happy. Sometimes, those personalities do not interact well with each other. Other times, external influences can create discord between family members. The key to living free of a stressful family life is by communicating and working together through situations and personality differences. When this becomes difficult, a family program that encourages positive behavior is beneficial to everyone involved. A positive … [Read more...]

Girls Middle School Support Group is Empowering

middle school

Navigating the middle school years can be a challenging time for girls. It is a time of transition from childhood to adolescence. With that, there are many new situations and feelings that they will encounter. Middle school support groups can help with this transition. Physically, girls’ bodies begin to mature during middle school. They can start their menstrual cycle, begin wearing bras, begin having feelings towards boys, begin having “drama” with girlfriends, and begin paying more attention to their appearance. Their world is changing in a biological, emotional, social and psychological … [Read more...]

Parenting Support Group: Uplift, Learn, Share


Being a parent has many challenges. There isn’t a manual to tell you what to do and sometimes you need to rely on your own sense as a parent to make judgments. As children grow, so do you as a parent. These phases in life can be stressful and difficult for everyone in the family. Reaching out for parenting support group can help you in the daily life as a parent. Just like any job, there are certain skills in being a positive parent and role model to your child. Not everyone has the skills passed on from their parents, so a support group is ideal for anyone who is struggling with the stress … [Read more...]