Redefining LOVE


Love is in the air...and we continue to gently and lovingly confront many social stigmas, from therapy is only for "those" people with issues to Valentine's day is only for couples! :) In honor of this month of LOVE, we ask... What is your passion in life? How are you living your life in alignment with that passion?             (Or how can you be in closer alignment?) Which qualities do you LOVE about yourself? Which qualities within yourself are you willing to embrace with more sensitivity and acceptance? What fears or past residue block love in your life and need to be … [Read more...]

February 2012 ~ Heart Month

heart month

Stores and advertisements are full of reminders of this month’s dedication to Valentine’s Day around the world.  As love from the heart fills the air, we are focusing on the physical organ during American Heart Month.  According to the Center for Disease Control, heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States.  Research continues to highlight the impact of nutrition and exercise on the heart.  We encourage you to join us in putting that knowledge to action with small steps towards a healthy lifestyle to prevent health issues, … [Read more...]

You’ve Got To Love Yourself First


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many of us have love on our minds. What is love anyway? We all want it. We all look for it. Where is it? We assume that when we “find” love, we’ll finally be happy. But even when we find someone to be in a relationship with, as we all know, this does not mean we are happy all the time. So then what? If we feel unhappy in a relationship, we may want to end that relationship and look for the next person who will finally make us feel happy. And so it goes. Valentine’s Day perpetuates the misguided notion that we need to find someone to love us or we are … [Read more...]