Support Group Helps Those with Diabetes

support group

Getting any kind of bad news is hard to handle, but when it concerns your own health, the emotions can become overwhelming. The challenges to managing your diabetes such as lifestyle modifications and dietary restrictions can be daunting. Having a support group filled with people that understand the trials and tribulations of all types of diabetes can tremendously help someone afflicted with this disease. Support groups help to encourage participants in the transition and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to know that you are not alone and a support group can give you the … [Read more...]

Power of the Breath


From Judith Kravitz, Founder of Transformational Breath Foundation and the co-creator of the Transformational Breathing process. "Effective breathing is your most important tool for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. 1. Oxygen is the most essential natural resource required by our cells.  It has been said that we can go without food for up to 40 days and without water for three days.  Yet in just three minutes without taking a breath we die.  From a purely physical viewpoint, then, breath equals life. 2. Breathing stimulates the electrochemical processes of every cell in our … [Read more...]

Stress and the body


Stress affects all of us in different ways. We can have physical, psychological, emotional, or behavioral reactions to stress. However, the long-term effects of stress on the body are sometimes most damaging. It all begins in the brain. Our brains are hard-wired to detect possible threats. When we perceive a threat or a problem the cerebral cortex, responsible for thinking in our brain, activates the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. The HPA axis is made up of the three parts that control our responses to stress; the hypothalamus (in the brain), the pituitary (in the brain), and the … [Read more...]

How Dangerous is a Cold Sore?


As I come of age and start to put more focus on starting a family, I have a growing concern for the affects my experience with meningitis will have on my family. 90% of the population is living with either HSV 1 or 2. Many are living with both.  Herpes is still a delicate matter although it has become a "common" virus within our culture. It is still a matter we would rather whisper about than face head on. There is no good or bad herpes, there is just herpes and as commonplace as herpes is today, it can be dangerous. How dangerous is a cold sore? Herpes has been around for a long time and … [Read more...]