Are you living your life for you?


The daily grind can wear us down. Routine, day in and day out, kids, spouses, family, friends, social commitments, work engagements, pets to care for – it is no doubt busy and at times overwhelming. Life in American society has never been faster paced. Technology keeps us tethered to one another more than ever before in previous generations. Gone are the days of letter writing, even phone calls are waning. The convenience of emails, texts, and messages delivered and responded to in an instant are the new norm. These advancements are amazing and wonderful, but they also keep you at the … [Read more...]

The Value of Talk Therapy

talk therapy

Psychotherapy over the years has had a stigma attached to it as if patients must have “something wrong” with them if they need to see a psychotherapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. This is not necessarily the case. Living a human existence means that at some point in your life you are very likely to feel overwhelmed. Talking to someone who is qualified to help you sort out life issues doesn’t mean somethings wrong with you. It means you are making a healthy decision to progress. Talk therapy does more than just give you someone who will listen, it helps you to work towards solutions to … [Read more...]

Couples Therapy – Can it really work?


If you are a couple, initially you came together because you liked one another. Eventually, you grew to love one another. Things happen in the course of life that can fracture a relationship and cause people to grow apart, or at least feel that they are. If you have begun to question whether a relationship is worth holding on to and trying to repair versus just letting it go, being alone or starting over again, no one can answer that for you, but if love remains couples therapy may be an option. Couples therapy offers the two involved parties a neutral middle ground. Someone impartial who … [Read more...]

Which Type of Counseling is Right for You?


In the field of psychotherapy, there are many modalities. For those seeking counseling, finding the right method that works for them is crucial. Sometimes it is just a matter of trying out the different styles to see which one you connect with. Here are the various types of counseling that you will find here at Monarch Wellness. Talk Therapy: By far the most popular counseling style, and one that many people recognize, is talk therapy. This method involves the client talking about his or her issues and concerns to the therapist. After a few sessions, the counselor can get a clear picture … [Read more...]