What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

holistic nutritionist

A Certified Holistic Nutritionist is an individual trained in healing the body with whole, non-processed, non-GMO foods. They are prepared to coach you on the best eating habits, improve your relationship with food, assist with healthier food choices, and create a customized diet for you. The foods that a Holistic Nutritionist will recommend for the wellbeing of your health are chemical-free, whole foods. These foods are well balanced in their vitamins and minerals. They are not stripped of their nutrients or refined, rather they are in their whole, natural state so your body can utilize … [Read more...]

National Nutrition Month ~ Letter from the Editor


Welcome to National Nutrition Month at eFitFamily!  We invite you to join us in taking small steps towards a healthier diet.  Many families have limited meal options due to a rushed schedule...from work to picking kids up from school to taking kids to gymnastics, soccer, boys and girls scout, to homework time to chores to bedtime...where's all the time to cook a healthy well-balanced meal? We challenge you to find creative ways to make healthy choices for your family...Is your crockpot collecting dust instead of helping cook a vegetable stew while you're at work and the kids are at school?  … [Read more...]

Healthy Holiday Nutrition


The holiday season is a challenge when you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. This is the time of year from Thanksgiving to New Years when we have tempting goodies and foods we normally don’t eat. Not only are we making choices we would normally not, but we are also eating more than the norm. So how can we make it through the holiday season without too much weight gain and maintain some healthy choices? These ten tips for Healthy Holiday Nutrition will help: Don’t skip meals. Think of the holiday season as you would any other day of the year. Each day should begin with a … [Read more...]

Eliminate Fast Food

Fast Food

Our fast paced world is sometimes a challenge when it comes to meal planning. Busy parents often spend their evenings driving children to practices, school functions and study groups. This makes getting a healthy home cooked meal a challenge and many parents and busy professionals turn to fast food as the answer. It’s easy to just dash through the drive through or call the pizza delivery guy but that’s not best for our health! So how can we eliminate fast food? Seems impossible to many, but here are some ideas to help: Plan ahead. When you have a game plan or in this case meal plan … [Read more...]