The Company that Plays Together, Stays Together


Whether you work for a small company or a large conglomerate, bonding on some level with your coworkers is important. Seeing each other as more than just another employee and as a fellow human being can up the happiness factor in the workplace. Companies that encourage interpersonal interaction have a higher retention rate because the employees feel more connected and more invested in the success and future of that business. How do they achieve this? Letting your employees know that you value them and that they are important as individuals is important. No one likes to feel replaceable. We … [Read more...]

Portrait of a true survivor…The Missy Jenkins Story


On December 1st 1997, Freshman Michael Carneal walked into the lobby of Heath High School in West Paducah, Kentucky and began shooting. Three students were killed and five were injured. Missy Jenkins was one of those injured students. At the age of fifteen she was left paralyzed from the chest down. Now given the circumstances she could be granted the right to be bitter, resentful even, however this was not her choice and her story is not one of self pity but self empowerment. The events of that day were certainly life changing but in a positive and inspiring way. Read on and discover how … [Read more...]

Never Say Never


Michelle Nazaroff is a picture perfect example of how incredible determination and a refusal to take no for an answer can help us overcome extreme obstacles in life and still achieve our dreams. A successful athlete who was told she would never be able to compete again, not only overcame a life threatening surgery and returned to the stage, defying the odds -  she returned to the stage a champion! At the age of 21, Michelle discovered she had aortic stenosis – a valvular heart condition characterized by abnormal narrowing of the aortic valve that impedes the flow of blood. If not taken care … [Read more...]

Holly Stanbrough…I Came To Win!


“I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise To fly….” Opening lines from a Nicki Minaj song that cling to the life journey of Holly Stanbrough like a perfectly tailored suit. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002, Holly has risen phoenix like from this devastating news and turned her life around in so many ways that you cannot fail to be inspired by her story. So take a moment out of your day to enter her world and discover once again the power of the human spirit…. What was your life like before you were diagnosed with MS? What … [Read more...]