2 Simple Statements Can Make Your Divorce Less Agonizing


Divorce is never a walk in the park. It’s more like a trek through a dark jungle of contorted emotions and fears without any light to find your way or see your truth. Regardless of whether or not you initiated the breakup, you feel a sense of disconnection, disruption, and abject terror. You wonder if you’ll ever feel good again Will the see-saw of moods and run-away thoughts ever again allow you to sleep soundly or think clearly? You question your own self-worth. Will you be able to navigate the world alone and manage to raise your kids? Uncertainty takes over. Will real love ever be … [Read more...]

The Company that Plays Together, Stays Together


Whether you work for a small company or a large conglomerate, bonding on some level with your coworkers is important. Seeing each other as more than just another employee and as a fellow human being can up the happiness factor in the workplace. Companies that encourage interpersonal interaction have a higher retention rate because the employees feel more connected and more invested in the success and future of that business. How do they achieve this? Letting your employees know that you value them and that they are important as individuals is important. No one likes to feel replaceable. We … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Laughter


We of course, all enjoy being happy. That is the goal after all, right? The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness?   It has been said that “Laughter is the best medicine”. It’s important to spend time doing what you enjoy. Laughter is one of the highest vibrational levels possible. After all, it’s a literal shaking of the body with the cause being joy.   Laughter decreases stress, helps regulate hormones and increases immune cell response as well as T-cells, thus improving your resistance to illness. Reduction of stress hormones, in turn, help with anxiety which can … [Read more...]

Life Coaches Provide Direction

life coaches

Do you feel stuck in your career or where you are in your life? It is not unusual for people, even those extremely successful, to need help in finding their purpose. Life coaches are trained to assist those who desire a clearer direction for their life. If you wanted to get optimal physical results from your workouts in the gym, you would hire a professional fitness trainer. If you need help in honing your life, you would hire a life coach. Their goals are the same. They want you to achieve the results that you desire. They both give you the knowledge you need and they both hold you … [Read more...]