Letting go of toxic people


Releasing people from your life who are not good for you is a vital piece in being a well balanced happy emotionally healthy person. It is, however, not easy on any level a lot of the time. How do you determine if someone is toxic to your life? Toxic people create chaos in other people's lives on a pretty consistent basis They expect that you will deal with their drama without question - their problems are your problems Your life gets put on the back burner in order to try and help them They seem to switch from loving to angry easily and seemingly without reason. They are very … [Read more...]

Healing in the Sand

sand tray

"Often the hands know how to solve a riddle with which the intellect has wrestled in vain."  ~ Carl Jung One form of play therapy  is sand tray.  This is a safe way for clients of all ages to find some control over their lives in a healthy way.   Sand tray, or sand play as some models refer to it, allows a safe and contained space for the builder to create a world in the sand by selecting and placing different images representing real or imaginary people, places, or concepts in the sand.     Clients can choose from any of the miniatures representing the real and imaginary world in which … [Read more...]

Healing Quilts: A Creative Means to Healing and Empowerment


The experience of trauma, serious illness and bereavement leaves us speechless.  Words often fail to fully express the depth of loss and despair that result from these experiences.  Our souls ache in a way that can lead to depression and a sense that all is hopeless.  At times like this we turn to friends, family and faith for support and understanding.  When these connections are not enough we turn to professionals; individual therapists for traditional talk therapy and group counseling for information, education and support.  Creative expression has been found to facilitate healing … [Read more...]

BOOK REVIEW – Grief and Grieving by Debra Holland M.S. Ph.D.

“Tis the season to be merry and full of good cheer – unless you are grieving due to bereavement, the breakup of a relationship, job loss, moving from your home, not being with your family, or missing holidays of the past.” This is the opening line of the press release for the new book by Debra Holland M.S. Ph.D. and unfortunately it is true that the year’s biggest holiday celebrations can indeed be a source emotional pain for those who may either lack the ‘perfect family’ the media is continually projecting, or have suffered some loss or trauma elsewhere in their lives. In such … [Read more...]