Beating the Odds of Hyperthyroidism – Jane Montoya

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism during a difficult time in my life and with limited means to research the condition it just made it all the harder for me to come to terms with.

My weight when diagnosed was 110lbs and when I was finally treated one year later with a radioactive capsule it rose to 145lbs- added to which I began losing my hair which left me feeling devastated and depressed. In addition to this I had Graves’s disease and endured three eye surgeries to normalize the appearance of my eyes to the point where my eyeballs no longer look so protruded.

The vanity I admit to when I was growing up and its associated ego had to be cast aside as every day I seemed to awake to the reflection of a stranger in the mirror.

As the years passed I spent vast amounts of money (money I admit I didn’t really have to spare) just to try and recapture the essence of who I used to be for my own sanity. My boyfriend Leo, a personal trainer and physical therapist, was an enormous support and gave me the belief that I could make a real change with proper diet and exercise.

At that point in time I was so immersed in trying to build my career that I was always trying to find the easy way out until one morning I woke up and decided that I was going to change EVERYTHING. I was going to beat the odds and I was going to resurrect myself!

I sat down with Leo and we put together a meal plan and exercise program and I set out to reach my goal of 17 + yrs. I wanted to compete in body building!

I finally got on stage at the age of 43 and won my first masters competition in figure and took 3rd amongst the younger girls. Wow… I had to be the happiest person on earth!

Fast forward to today… I am 45 yrs old and I continue to compete. I have placed well in some contests and not so well in others but I continue to work on what I believe with all my heart in and that is overcoming a condition that so many people suffer with each and every day.

For those who think hyperthyroidism is the end they are wrong! There are so many things we can do in order to overcome the barriers we put in front of ourselves. From facial corrections to following a nutritional plan and an exercise program. Feeling good about what we are capable of doing for ourselves by investing an hour a day in our well being and in return retrieving our self esteem and regaining our personal power.

In truth there was a time in my life where I lost this…I lost me! However when I look at a photo taken a month ago at a physique contest I can recall how I felt beautiful, gorgeous and on top of the world!

Today I look in the mirror and see a better me. I may never be exactly the same again as a result of this condition but when I consider all that I have gone through there is no doubting that this is the best I have felt in a VERY LONG TIME.

I continue to get my blood work checked and ensure that the necessary adjustments are made to maintain my health but at the end of the day I embrace my new lifestyle and move forward fearlessly, spreading the word that this disease CAN be overcome…all it takes is strength of will and the desire to be better each and every day!

Thanks you for listening and encouraging me everyday to be an inspiration to all.



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