BOOK REVIEW – Grief and Grieving by Debra Holland M.S. Ph.D.

“Tis the season to be merry and full of good cheer – unless you are grieving due to bereavement, the breakup of a relationship, job loss, moving from your home, not being with your family, or missing holidays of the past.”

This is the opening line of the press release for the new book by Debra Holland M.S. Ph.D. and unfortunately it is true that the year’s biggest holiday celebrations can indeed be a source emotional pain for those who may either lack the ‘perfect family’ the media is continually projecting, or have suffered some loss or trauma elsewhere in their lives.

In such circumstances it is very easy to retreat into one’s shell and unfortunately this may not always be the answer as it is so easy to become over analytical and self absorbed, thus opening the door to feelings of grief, pain and lack.

This timely book is a valuable sanctuary to all those who find this time of year emotionally intense as it guides you through the many stages of grief and scenarios that lead to depression.

Divided into four sections

  • ·         Loss and Grief
  • ·         Bereavement
  • ·         Loss in Other Life Circumstances
  • ·         Recovery

‘Grief and Grieving’ looks at each separate issue in depth analyzing cause, reaction and offering valuable coping and adapting skills. Side bars are included to supply survival strategies, look at cautions and concerns, define new terms that may be unfamiliar and give examples of expressions of grief.

All in all this book is a valuable resource not just for this time of year (although emotions do get amplified by an overzealous media assault) but for any time and anyone who may be suffering from grief – or knows someone who is. Offering hope and real assistance when it is needed most, Debra Holland’s book is a valuable addition to any book collection.



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