Rope skipping has become a popular exercise, for it is simple, fun, convenient, inexpensive, and good for fitness. What’s more, rope skipping has other functions of keeping healthy.

It could improve heart and lung functions, allowing the blood to get more oxygen to maintain a strong and healthy cardio vascular system, improve balance, agility, increase muscular strength and endurance and burn calories.

Rope skipping is just the right mix of high –impact and high intensity exercise, making it one of the best calorie-burning exercises.  On average, 150lb-pound person will burn about 125 calories for 10 minutes of skipping (700 calories in one hour).  That’s a lot of calories in a short amount of time!

So grab a rope and try this sample workout!


-Start with a 5-10 minute warm up by jumping without your rope, mimicking the movement with your arms and legs.

EXERCISE 1- Double Foot Jump ( basic jump move in which the feet lift off the ground together and land together)

EXERCISE 2- Alternate foot jump ( one foot lands before the other which each turn of the rope)

EXERCISE 3- Butt Kicks ( keep your knees under your hips and kick your heels up to your buttocks as you skip)

EXERCISE 4-Running Jump ( while you’re skipping, focus on lifting your knees as if you’re running)

EXERCISE 5- Side-to-Side Jump ( Keeping feet together, jump side to side instead of landing in the same spot)

Beginner:  Try Exercise 1 for 30 seconds, then march on the spot for another 30 seconds before continuing to Exercise 2.   Perform the whole series of exercises this way.

Intermediate:  jump for 60 seconds and then perform jumping jacks for 30 seconds before progressing to the next exercise in the series.

Advanced:  Perform each exercise for 60 seconds, proceeding through the whole routine without stopping.  Rotate through as many cycles as you can.



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