Yoga for the wild child: How to self-regulate

KIDS YOGA CIRCLEIs my child too hyper for Yoga? Is my child too aggressive for yoga? The answer is no! Your child does not need to be perfect to do yoga, physically or emotionally. In fact self-regulation happens in the body. Therefore movements, poses and mirroring that we do in a Yoga class can lead to profound improvements on a child’s ability to filter sensory information, develop calming skills, self-regulation skills, and healthy communication skills. Initially as children we learn through our bodies, which is why the practice of yoga can be a very powerful tool. Not just for children but for all of us! Individuals don’t need to be strong and flexible to start Yoga. You start doing the Yoga then you become strong and flexible. The same thing can be said in regards to learning to manage self-regulation.

Now if the child has behavioral challenges that are extremely disruptive, it is recommended to seek out a specialized Yoga class with a focused program that assists children struggling with such challenges. And keep in mind; no one will achieve focus and self-regulation by attending one class here and there. Consistency is needed in order to develop the beneficial skills. When children consistently practice Yoga they can develop self-awareness and learn calming exercises that can aid with self-control/regulation.



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