Happiness Is A Choice

MB900441908Many go through life blaming others and complaining about circumstances that prevent them from being happy. I hear phrases such as “My boss made me so mad” or “My son makes me so frustrated.” Or “The traffic jam I got stuck in made me so angry.” We cannot control external circumstances or other people, we can only control our reactions to them. In truth, no one has that power to make you feel in a certain way unless you allow feelings to surface. As soon as you feel frustration or irritation bubbling up in a situation, stop and reflect on what you’re feeling. Visualize yourself on the beach at sunset or breathing the fresh air on a mountain top or something that brings you a sense of joy. Change your reaction and choose instead to be happy.



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About Peggy Sealfon

We are honored to partner up with Peggy Sealfon. Peggy is a Personal Development Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Certified Amrit Yoga Teacher, and expert on dealing with stress, anxiety, pain and trauma. Her programs awaken personal balance and ignite the inner source of empowerment.

Certified as a Life Coach and in life-changing modalities from ancient yogic techniques, mindfulness and spirituality to training in functional medicine, modern psychology, energy medicine (Reconnective Healing and sound therapies), nutrition and the neurosciences, Peggy develops effective protocols for individuals. She helps them deal with issues from health to relationships, work, finances and life purpose.

Peggy teaches Qi-Gong and Relaxation, Gentle Yoga, and Peaceful Mind-Integrative Relaxation. She also offers individual life/wellness coaching sessions…Plan Your Wellness Path to Wellness and Plan Your Path to Purpose and Passion.

Peggy is author of the best-selling book Escape From Anxiety—Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies From A to Z and co-author of The Change, one of the fastest-growing personal development book series in the world with Tony Robbins’ first mentor Jim Britt. She is currently working on a book with world-renowned yogi master Amrit Desai Embodying the Power of the Zero Stress Zone.