Goals are great, but what about NOW?


It seems every self-help guru under the sun these days wants to point you to setting goals. Goals are wonderful, we all need a direction. The problem comes in that many people take that to the extreme. They become so goal oriented and focused on what they desperately want to happen way in the future that life is zooming right by them day after day and they are not able to be present in their daily life, enjoying the here and now. Slow Down Breathe Look around Take time to appreciate what’s good in your life already If you aren’t doing these things on a regular basis, you … [Read more...]

10 Suggestions to Get You In a Better Mood


Some days we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. It's harder than usual to get going, your mood dips and every little thing starts to set you off. You now have two choices. 1. allow the funk to get a grip on you and wallow in it setting the tone for the rest of the day to go to hell in a hand basket, or 2. Pick an item off of this list and get your head straight realizing that you and you alone hold the power to alter your mood and change the course of your day. VENT - Just letting your feelings out can help. Write in a journal, call a friend, even venting on social media can … [Read more...]

Happiness Is A Choice


Many go through life blaming others and complaining about circumstances that prevent them from being happy. I hear phrases such as “My boss made me so mad” or “My son makes me so frustrated.” Or “The traffic jam I got stuck in made me so angry.” We cannot control external circumstances or other people, we can only control our reactions to them. In truth, no one has that power to make you feel in a certain way unless you allow feelings to surface. As soon as you feel frustration or irritation bubbling up in a situation, stop and reflect on what you’re feeling. Visualize yourself on the beach at … [Read more...]