Vegetarian Food and Mood

We all know we are what we eat…we also feel what we eat.  A recent study in Nutrition Journal found that vegetarians report lower levels of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.  They reported overall superior mood levels than meat eaters.  Author Dr. Mary noted this can be attributed to vegetarians consuming more omega-3 fats in their vegetables than meat eaters obtain from an occasional fish dinner.  Besides elevated mood, a vegetarian diet is often associated with other physical health benefits including reduced risk of heart attacks, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of diabetes and cancer, improved digestion, longer life span, and healthier skin.

People choose to eliminate meat from their diets for various reasons…physical health, animal rights, weight loss, etc. and everyone’s adjustment is different.  Mine was a natural process and not difficult…I don’t miss meat and do not remember liking meat as a child.  My vegetarian journey began gradually… I ordered lobster as an adolescent and was horrified and repulsed seeing the entire lobster (eyeballs, antennas, claws, and mouth inclusive) on my plate.  From then on, I became more comfortable choosing to eat what I liked…vegetables, fruit, pasta, legumes, etc…and enjoying animals alive.  I am considered a lacto-ovo vegetarian because I continue to eat some dairy and egg products (I admit I have a sweet tooth and choose to not only eat vegan desserts).  However, I am aware that when I eat a completely vegan diet (free from any animal products), I feel even healthier.  Other types of non-meat diets include pescetarians (avoid meat other than seafood), flexitarians (mostly vegetarian but occasionally eat meat), and raw vegans/raw food diet (unprocessed vegan foods that have not been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit).

Since I have been vegetarian nearly fifteen years, I can not accurately recall how I felt when I ate meat.   I do feel happy overall and believe my mood and health can be attributed to my lifestyle, including vegetarian diet, exercise, support of family and friends, career, and spiritual connection.  In response to the common question of how I stay slim, I always reply that I’m vegetarian.  Exercise is just as important of course, and I strongly feel that my vegetarian diet contributes to my motivation, energy, and desire to exercise.

Have you considered a vegetarian diet before?  Perhaps you could test it out for a trial period, do a pre and post-test of your mood, keep a journal of your mood and activity level, and let us know what results you find!

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