Weight Loss For Diabetes Prevention


Diabetes has become an epidemic in this country and is a disease that has become somewhat second nature to people because we hear so much about it so often. According to diabetes.org “25.8 million children and adults in the United States—8.3% of the population—have diabetes’’ (1). This statistic is astounding! For those of us whom are fortunate enough not to have this disease we must not loss focus the importance of not developing it either. Weight lose is of utmost importance in the prevention of diabetes! Physical activity and weight loss help the body respond better to insulin. By losing … [Read more...]

Should You Buy Organic?


Nowdays we browse the grocery store and see tons of items that are "organic" and seem to be much more cost wise. For American families living on a buget but still trying to balance the importance of nutrition; this can begin to get confusing for us all. I will discuss what i believe is important to buy organic and what your wasting your money on. Organics! I am a big believer in organics but I think certain foods are unnessecary and some are a must! Alot of this processed foods in boxs or packaging that is ‘organic’ is worthless. Just because it is organic cane sugar dosent mean ANYTHING! … [Read more...]

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Now days we all have become creatures of habit. We all get into a comfort zone and dislike the thought of change for the simple fact that we believe it will cause disorder. Change can present us with improved opportunities in life and it is a must to step out of that comfort zone in order to improve and progress in life. I have always said that something seems so difficult it must then build character. Fitness for mom’s can seem like an added task to their never ending agenda. This very aspect is where the problem lies. If we have an outlook on exercise as a choir then we will never truly … [Read more...]

Convenient healthy snacks for your children

Most American families are busy and on the go. Full of school, work, team sporting events, housekeeping, and daily activities. With all we do in a day it is tough to not want to just seek the convenience of fast food and packages snacks for the kids. I am a large believer in convenience; always on the go and I know I must be prepared to instill good healthy eating habits in my daughter. Ill be the first to admit it is challenging at times but I do my best to keep her aware of nutrition and the importance of it. Children are always picky eaters and we need to make sure they are getting … [Read more...]