Happiness Is A Choice


Many go through life blaming others and complaining about circumstances that prevent them from being happy. I hear phrases such as “My boss made me so mad” or “My son makes me so frustrated.” Or “The traffic jam I got stuck in made me so angry.” We cannot control external circumstances or other people, we can only control our reactions to them. In truth, no one has that power to make you feel in a certain way unless you allow feelings to surface. As soon as you feel frustration or irritation bubbling up in a situation, stop and reflect on what you’re feeling. Visualize yourself on the beach at … [Read more...]

Andrea’s Blog 4

Wow! Is it seriously already March?? What are we doing here so soon?! I've been in constant communication with Andrea – thanks to the ease of texting – but, her fantourage is being denied all of the daily updates…and let’s just say folks…since recovering from the January “crud”…she’s not tripping the light fantastic, she’s raising the roof!!!! As of TODAY, while we don’t have 45 days worth of “before” and “now” measurements – I just had her give me them in early Feb. after she got over her “bug” – Andrea is just shy of a 20 pound weight loss---and EXCITED about competing in a pageant, in … [Read more...]

Andrea’s Blog 3…progress!

Well, it has been another great week for me in terms of fitness and health. I have stuck to eating right, and exercising 5 to 6 days a week. Due to my duties as mother to a busy teenager, I have not been able to attend "Body Combat" and "Body Flow" like I want to, BUT…I have made time to get moving, whether it is at the gym or home. I do notice a change in my stamina. I have gone from 30-45 minutes on the treadmill or bike to a whole hour with increased inclines and tension. I have gotten past the point of wanting to quit when it hurts, to being able to push through the pain and get my second … [Read more...]

Andrea’s Blog…after a winter flu…

Some of our readers may be wondering, “where’s Andrea?!” Well, Andrea, like millions of others in our country, experienced the proverbial seasonal flu virus. Fortunately, a flu that was not terribly severe, but severe enough to ‘keep a good woman’ down for over a week! One can imagine, and perhaps some of you have already, the start of a new year and beginning a new “you”—one that joins a gym and or starts a diet in an attempt to get fit, get healthier and gain strength and confidence….then WHAM – the flu! How frustrating and inconvenient is THAT?! Yes, most of us have been there… So within 4 … [Read more...]