Welcome Andrea!

Andrea "before"

Well…not only do I have another brave soul for the “Take Control” campaign for 2013 – I have two…perhaps this is to compensate for the fact I worked overtime with the amazing Kelly last year! The wonderful thing about having these 2 beautiful souls step up – is the fact that they share similar goals and are striving to get in shape before their next beauty pageant…’yes’, a world that focuses on inner beauty – and overall health & FITNESS as well! I started working with Andrea in early Dec., so I’ll post her intro blog first and then provide Marisa’s tomorrow….here we go…..let’s make 2013 a … [Read more...]

Kelly’s Final Blog…’finally.’

Well, well, well, we’re baaaack! After a hiatus of downtime and a holiday (and now staring at yet another) it is without surprise and with great delay that I officially have bid adieu to Ms. Kelly and her amazing 16 week journey earlier this year! I chose to have Kelly go beyond the standard 12 week transformation period to honor her friendship and, one of the greatest feats on Earth—turning 40 years “young”! :) She officially closed our chapter in mid-October and I look forward to having her update us next month on her holiday experience and fitness goals for 2013! Kelly, like other … [Read more...]

Kelly’s Week 13…still going!

beach fitness

Kelly’s Week 13…and counting! I weighed myself this morning and I was the same, but I definitely wasn't on my eating game this week getting ready for this trip. Stress eating is probably the most appropriate term. That's ok....I didn't gain. I will be in Jamaica for the next week teaching aerobics twice a day and turning 40 on Friday! My goal (and hopefully an easy one) is not to gain while on vacation. I still have some more work to do, but I am pleased with my progress so far. I know I will be completely refocused when I get back. Have a wonderful week! I know I … [Read more...]

Kelly’s Week 12—BUT not final!

Kelly’s Blog – Week 12 Hi everyone! Hope you have had a great week. I have! So, at the beginning of the last blog I told you I met my goal of weighing less than Greg and this week…I still weigh less than Greg. So, what happens when you reach a goal? You need to set a new goal. So, I have been thinking about what my next goal should be and I decided to work on a couple of them. I would like to be able to do 50 pushups in a row on my toes and I would like to have my BMI (Body Mass Index) in the normal range by the end of the year. So, that gives me until about Christmas time to work on these … [Read more...]