Kelly’s Weeks 10 & 11

Kelly’s Blog – Weeks 10 & 11 So, it has been a couple of weeks since I have checked in. Although school started for us at the end of August, full activity schedules started last week. We also had lots of social events happening, including a party at our house on Labor Day. I was a little discouraged after Labor Day weekend, as I was up a couple of pounds from the week before. I don’t think it was completely that I over ate. I think some of it was water retention from too much salty food, etc. I still exercised a lot that week, including redoing the landscaping of my entire yard. So…last … [Read more...]

Kelly’s Week 9

Kelly’s Blog – Week 9 Rebuttal to Blog 8 comments from Angela…thought I might write one, but don’t have anything to rebut. She was correct on all points – although I don’t know if I can ever really bury the “proverbial mallet”. I have always been hard on myself, so it is a super hard habit to break. But, I will certainly try. I do think the fear of success thing is true too. I think it is stupid we (by we I mean me) fear success, but subconsciously I think we do. Very strange….so anyway, Angela is right again. I am proud of my success so far, and I will continue this journey as best I can. … [Read more...]

Kelly’s Week 8

half on scales

Kelly’s Blog – Week 8 This week has been average. Probably more like most weeks in my life and what my upcoming weeks will also look like with school starting back. We (the family) had a lot of errands getting ready for school to start (and our regular activity schedule is outrageous). I exercised some, but not as much as when I was on vacation and I did not get in my weight training like I had been doing. But…it happens, right? So, you just try better the next week and that is what I am doing. I did still lose 1.5 pounds, so my new total loss is 17.2. Yay me! I did eat out a little more … [Read more...]

Kelly’s Week 7

Kelly’s Blog – Week 7 15.7 pounds….means I lost 1.8 pounds on vacation (10 days), while enjoying myself and eating dessert!! But, I did learn a few things about myself. I missed my scale. Yep – I said it. The scal-o-holic missed her scale….but, I missed it because I use it as a tool to keep me on track. Not to mention, knowing I have to check in with Angela and the blog also keeps me on track. I did eat too many desserts and didn’t feel real great about it (even when I was doing it); however, I just seemed to keep doing it anyway. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted good, but I need to learn to … [Read more...]