Parenting Support Group: Uplift, Learn, Share


Being a parent has many challenges. There isn’t a manual to tell you what to do and sometimes you need to rely on your own sense as a parent to make judgments. As children grow, so do you as a parent. These phases in life can be stressful and difficult for everyone in the family. Reaching out for parenting support group can help you in the daily life as a parent. Just like any job, there are certain skills in being a positive parent and role model to your child. Not everyone has the skills passed on from their parents, so a support group is ideal for anyone who is struggling with the stress … [Read more...]

Sand Tray Therapy Taps into Your Sub-Conscious

sand tray

Sand tray therapy, a non-verbal type of mental health therapy, was developed in England by Dr. Margaret Lowenfeld in the 1920’s. It was found that through the use of miniature toys, sand, and water, clients were able to creatively express emotions, thoughts, and experiences. They could choose from a variety of toys to create the “world” in the sand tray that helped to tell their story. This method of therapy was found to be especially helpful to children since expressing themselves through words can be challenging. Even though children found this method fun, it is also very helpful to … [Read more...]

Support Group Helps Those with Diabetes

support group

Getting any kind of bad news is hard to handle, but when it concerns your own health, the emotions can become overwhelming. The challenges to managing your diabetes such as lifestyle modifications and dietary restrictions can be daunting. Having a support group filled with people that understand the trials and tribulations of all types of diabetes can tremendously help someone afflicted with this disease. Support groups help to encourage participants in the transition and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to know that you are not alone and a support group can give you the … [Read more...]

Squeezed In Between: The Sandwich Generation


The Sandwich Generation is a phrase coined by Carol Abaya but has gained such common use that it is listed in the dictionary.  It generally refers to those members of society who are raising children and caring for an elderly parent.  For statisticians it often means women between the ages of 45 and 56, although increasingly more men are participating in the process. This is not a new phenomenon; adult children have long cared for aging parents while raising children.  In my own experience, my father’s mother lived with my aunt and her family after her second husband passed away. She was in … [Read more...]