Tibetan Bowls Sound Therapy

Tibetan Bowls

The use of sound therapy has been used for thousands of years for healing the body and overall wellness. The vibrations of Tibetan and crystal bowls can help to bring your body’s vibrational energies back to a “normal” state.  This is called entrainment which shifts our brainwave state. Throughout the day and night, our brainwaves go through many changes. The “singing bowls” as they are sometimes called, emits a stable tone, which our brainwaves can then attune to. This “stabilization” is very soothing and assists in meditation and the ability for you to “downshift” into a very relaxed … [Read more...]

Yoga Classes Help to Reduce Stress

yoga classes

Your kids are crying, the house is a mess, and your cell phone is ringing because your boss needs a project completed today. Stress is all around us. It is important for your overall health to find a way to reduce stress in a healthy manner. We cannot eliminate stressors completely, but managing and releasing it from the body can create a more peaceful life for you. Yoga classes can help. There are countless studies on the health benefits of exercise. Not only does it increase your metabolism, trim your waistline, and tone your muscles, it also improves your mental health. Yoga is a type of … [Read more...]

How Dangerous is a Cold Sore?


As I come of age and start to put more focus on starting a family, I have a growing concern for the affects my experience with meningitis will have on my family. 90% of the population is living with either HSV 1 or 2. Many are living with both.  Herpes is still a delicate matter although it has become a "common" virus within our culture. It is still a matter we would rather whisper about than face head on. There is no good or bad herpes, there is just herpes and as commonplace as herpes is today, it can be dangerous. How dangerous is a cold sore? Herpes has been around for a long time and … [Read more...]

Six Ideas for Lunch-Hour Fitness

office stretch

Experts often recommend taking a half-hour walk during your office lunch hour, and it's true that that's a great way to get your blood  moving, burn some calories and feel healthier and happier. However, walking day after day can get boring — not to mention, cardiovascular exercise is only half the equation. When you're looking to change things up, here are some great exercises you can do during your lunch hour to get into tip-top shape. 1. Lunges in the park: If you're near a park, take advantage of your lunch hour to get out into nature, where you'll feel refreshed almost instantly … [Read more...]