How Dangerous is a Cold Sore?


As I come of age and start to put more focus on starting a family, I have a growing concern for the affects my experience with meningitis will have on my family. 90% of the population is living with either HSV 1 or 2. Many are living with both.  Herpes is still a delicate matter although it has become a "common" virus within our culture. It is still a matter we would rather whisper about than face head on. There is no good or bad herpes, there is just herpes and as commonplace as herpes is today, it can be dangerous. How dangerous is a cold sore? Herpes has been around for a long time and … [Read more...]

Six Ideas for Lunch-Hour Fitness

office stretch

Experts often recommend taking a half-hour walk during your office lunch hour, and it's true that that's a great way to get your blood  moving, burn some calories and feel healthier and happier. However, walking day after day can get boring — not to mention, cardiovascular exercise is only half the equation. When you're looking to change things up, here are some great exercises you can do during your lunch hour to get into tip-top shape. 1. Lunges in the park: If you're near a park, take advantage of your lunch hour to get out into nature, where you'll feel refreshed almost instantly … [Read more...]

Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First

oxygen mask

When you take a flight, each airline has a safety debriefing.  The stewardess stands in the middle of the isle demonstrating the message of putting on your own oxygen mask first.  The message is understandable, if you aren't breathing, how could you possibly save someone else's life.  This message holds true in our everyday life as well.  Many times we put off our own needs and health to prioritize others first.  Kids, family, spouses, significant others, work, errands, friends, all of these can cut into the time of your own needs.  And while serving all of these things or attempting to be … [Read more...]

Finding A Great Fitting Sports Bra (Hint: It’s Easier Than You Think)


By Cindy Prosser Your sports bra should be your best friend at the gym (yes, it's even more important than your iPod) so take care to make sure you're wearing the right one. However, your quest for a great fitting sports bra starts well before you ever get to the store or open up your web browser for some online shopping. Measure, Measure, Measure! The majority of women wear the wrong size bra. This leads to issues like back pain, shoulder strain and even headaches. Before you even attempt to start bra shopping, get out that tape measure. Some stores offer complimentary bra fittings, … [Read more...]