Tips for Winter Months

Tips for Winter Months

Be Still, Meditate, Write, Read Sit by the Sea, Lake, River, Waterfall Rest, Calm, Quiet Time Eat Well, Make Nutritious Soup Foot Massage with Friends Listen to Your Heart Listen to Others Wait. “When One Stays in Darkness Long Enough, One Begins to See.” Carl Jung Use the will Not to do. Restorative Yoga. Qi Gong. Tai Chi. Pay Attention to the Power of Fear (The Emotion of Winter) Evaluate Your Storehouse. What Resources do I have? What Gifts do I Have of Mind, Body, Spirit? Loved ones, Money Possessions? How can I be a Better Steward of My Goods so that I Have … [Read more...]

2012 Part of the Plan: Massage!!


For goodness sake make massage part of the plan for 2012!!  So often I have seen overworked bodies, minds, spirits who need TLC and rendering balance and normalcy to their lives.  So, please, take an hour, a day, a week, a month or so to give yourself the space to regroup so you can function freely.  Bodies are supposed to move freely--no pain.  It’s not normal to have to live with pain.  Please, in addition to exercise, diet, and spiritual practice bring massage into your repertoire.  There’s something for everyone.  There’s a whole spectrum of touch from Reiki to Rolfing, Acupressure to … [Read more...]

Staying Well


It’s important to build our immune systems so that we can show up for all the things we do. A regular supplement program supervised by your nutritionist or nurse practitioner is a valuable individualized plan that keeps you operating at your optimum functioning level. This can change as you strengthen and need different or fewer things depending on quality of nutrition that can create wellness. For example, be sure you’re not eating things to which you’re unknowingly allergic--simple blood tests can determine this. Good habits help us to stay well and exercising discipline early on so … [Read more...]