Meditation: Learning to Live in the Moment


Do you live in the “now”? Or do you wonder what could have been, should have been, or what will be? Have you noticed that in difficult times some people take it in stride while others experience a lot of stress? Living in the present moment while seeing the larger picture is key to a peaceful mind. Meditation practices the technique of recognizing only the moment in which you are presently living. Over thousands of years, various types of meditation have arisen, but the objective of all these disciplines is the same. That objective being to focus inward in the moment and to accept, have … [Read more...]

A Simple Way to Relieve Stress


We accept stress as normal but it can be extremely depleting to body and mind. There are numerous methods to help dismantle stress but one of the most powerful and empowering is to take mindful breaks throughout the day. Recent research in the neurosciences shows that relaxing the body and mind at 90-minute intervals throughout the day can be extremely beneficial to overall well being, focus and balance.  Take a minute or two and try closing your eyes and taking some deep slow breaths. Then notice how you feel! Frustration, frenzy, anger, anxiety will all be reduced. If you don’t feel … [Read more...]