Healthy Holiday Nutrition


The holiday season is a challenge when you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. This is the time of year from Thanksgiving to New Years when we have tempting goodies and foods we normally don’t eat. Not only are we making choices we would normally not, but we are also eating more than the norm. So how can we make it through the holiday season without too much weight gain and maintain some healthy choices? These ten tips for Healthy Holiday Nutrition will help: Don’t skip meals. Think of the holiday season as you would any other day of the year. Each day should begin with a … [Read more...]

Healthy eating into the holidays!

friends at a restaurant

We are coming up on the wonderful but often dreaded holiday season when it comes to weight struggles.  With holiday parties, big family meals, and food gifts it is hard not to put on that typical 5-10 pounds over the holidays. Going into Thanksgiving, remember that it is ONE meal on ONE day.  Thanksgiving should not last all week long as far as your eating is concerned.  Leftovers are great and I suggest using them, but be conscious of the leftovers that you choose.  You can use leftover turkey and vegetables to create a great meal.  Apple pie…not so much! If you decide to treat yourself, … [Read more...]