The Family that Workout Together Stays Together

You get up, help your family prepare to leave, take the kids to school, go to work, come back, pick up the kids, do homework, cook and then prepare to sleep. Then you say that you cannot workout because of the kids… the reality? You are responsible for your body and you are the example for your family. They deserve you in the best physical condition. The truth is that you can work your fitness program along with your family! Make them be part of a healthy life. Seeing your determination, commitment and dedication to achieve and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle will also make them want to follow you.

Family Conditioning with Pilates

Family Conditioning

This family conditioning process must begin the night before. Make sure you schedule from eight to twelve hours of sleep for everyone in the household. When not sleeping enough, your body wakes up bloated, retaining toxins. Try, also, to avoid processed carbohydrates at least four to six hours before bedtime. You don’t need them, unless you do stationary cycling class at nine in the evening! Make a simple stretching routine with your family. It oxygenates the muscles and loosens the joints, preparing for a deep night’s sleep.
During the day, you really have many options to condition your bodies. Before breakfast, perform 60 repetitions of abdominal exercises, changing it every day or every week. This will only take a minute! Before dinner, you can compete on who does more squads. For this you can use a heavy chair that does not slip or the arm rest of a couch. If you have stairs or low wall, add lunges.  Also, you can perform push-ups on the wall, desk / table or floor. For days off, you can plan more recreational activities such as jumping rope or the hula-hoop, or, more sports activities like basketball or football. Though, probably, your kids are better in these activities – take advantage! You also have another option. Start a specific family project like participating in a bicycle ride or a walk-a-thon. No matter what activity you do, write them down on a blackboard visible to everyone in the family, serving as a guide to the good work you are all doing.

Finally, exercise can become a habit for everyone in the household, if they follow the advice of the Society for Public Health Education in Washington, DC. They recommend making a written plan that is simple and realistic. To start with small changes. If you’ve been inactive, increase your activity until you can exercise at least 30 minutes a day. To learn to love change. The variety in the performance reduces the boredom of life. To choose a partner. Work in teams to share the gains. And, finally, to reward accomplishments, especially as you first begin exercising.



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