Helping kids adjust to life changes


Children do best in a structured environment but life almost never follows the path we expect. Normality and schedule tend to go off track when life throws you a curve ball. It is inevitable that at some point something unplanned in the adult realm will spill over and affect the children in the family. Divorce - No matter what the family situation a divorce to a child is traumatic. Even though the child is not at fault, and parents do their best to explain, children, especially young ones simply do not understand. The loss is felt deeply. Relocation - Moving to a new town, a new school or a … [Read more...]

The Family that Workout Together Stays Together

Family Conditioning with Pilates

You get up, help your family prepare to leave, take the kids to school, go to work, come back, pick up the kids, do homework, cook and then prepare to sleep. Then you say that you cannot workout because of the kids... the reality? You are responsible for your body and you are the example for your family. They deserve you in the best physical condition. The truth is that you can work your fitness program along with your family! Make them be part of a healthy life. Seeing your determination, commitment and dedication to achieve and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle will also make them want … [Read more...]