Wellness Classes Help Your Child with Confidence

wellness classes

Every generation has its own struggles. Our current, youngest generation is growing up in a world surrounded by social media and technology. With a gadget at every turn, one can lose one’s self in the constant inundation of images, videos, and social media comments. These are issues that previous generations did not have to confront while growing up. In addition to these outside influences, children still need to go through the same self-discovery and growing up stages that all generations in years past had to do. With the additional stressors, it is important that children have the confidence … [Read more...]

Kids Yoga: 5 Reasons to Sign Your Child Up for Classes

kids yoga

When you think of yoga class, you probably envision adults in lotus positions sitting quietly on their mats. It might be difficult to imagine a group of kids sitting still on mats for any length of time. But, they can and they do! Kids yoga is very beneficial in their growth. Children have stress in their lives, just as adults. They have schoolwork, relationships with peers, self-esteem issues, their bodies are growing, relationships with family, and organized activities. Taking a kids’ yoga class can be very beneficial for their growing mind and bodies. Here are some benefits that can come … [Read more...]

Managing Your Child’s Obesity


What I have learnt from being a mother of three is that we tend to parent the same way we were brought up. As a child, I was shown love primarily through food. The amount of food I accepted was my way of showing love, as this was how love was expressed to me. I sometimes find myself doing the same with my sons. I am constantly baking cookies and cupcakes as a token of my love. It wasn’t until I noticed that my older sons were not as active and were indulging in my love cookies that I realised I wasn’t setting a good example. I am now more aware of expressing my love through kisses and cuddles … [Read more...]

Meal Planning Tips for your Busy Family


  To say that family life is “busy” is an understatement. Between work/school schedules, extracurricular activities and other obligations, most working moms will jump at any opportunity they can take to press the “easy button”, especially when it comes to meal planning and food preparation. Here are 5 easy food planning tips to make sure your family is getting a balanced diet, even on a budget! Determine your Family’s Needs So your family’s gotta eat- and eat often. Planning out your family’s meals ahead of time will ensure that they are getting the nutrients they need, not to … [Read more...]