Everyday Movement

First Time On Skates

Families are known to play sports together. The Kennedy’s were avid football players, I suppose the Beckhams, soccer. Naples families go to the beach, swim, sail in the gulf and at local parks, hoola hoop!! Growing up in CT we’d hike, swim, bike, ice skate, ski, dance. To rollerblade feels like flying! Sports require amazing agility, balance, and coordination. Group sports require teamwork and understanding a game plan--the big picture. Movement is a relief of the regular stuff that settles in, shaking us out of our reverie into an altered state--one we’re not normally in. Usually it evokes … [Read more...]

August Letter from the Editor: Healthy Back to School

Back to school

Where did the summer go?  We hope yours flew by with a family vacation, summer camps, and fun in the sun!  As fall approaches, families are busy preparing for school to kick back in gear.  If you’re like most families, the beginning of the school year brings mixed emotions. Parents often feel relieved to return to a routine and get a break from arranging summer entertainment, concerned about how children will adjust to a new school year, fearful of new academic and behavior challenges, optimistic about what’s to come, or even sad or guilty about lack of quality time spent.  Children feel … [Read more...]

Yoga in the Great Outdoors

children yoga

Anyone who practices yoga can tell you how wonderful it makes you feel. There is something about yoga that is  unlike any other exercise program in that it works your whole being inside and out - body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is traditionally practiced indoors in a classroom orstudio setting...but taking your practice outside can open up a whole new world for you...literally! One of the main tenets of yoga practice is learning greater awareness and presence. Awareness of being in the present moment and taking in all that you experience, fully. Most of our lives we are distracted by so many … [Read more...]


If your child eats fruit everyday, she doesn’t need to drink any juice at all.  Yes 100% fruit juice is a quick and easy way to fit in a fruit serving and get a day’s worth of vitamin C. but it does not offer any nutritional advantages over fruit.   And when your drink juice instead of eating fruit, you miss out on the fiber, something your kids need more of.   One apple with skin offers more then 4 grams of fiber, but a cup of apple juice has less than 1 gram.  It is not hard for a child to meet his/her  vitamin C requirements without juice, sliced strawberries or a half a cup of broccoli … [Read more...]