For the last several years there has been a lot of intense discussion, controversy and disagreement amongst bodybuilders, trainers, nutritionists and coaches within the fitness industry regarding whether avid exercisers looking to decrease body fat, while gaining/maintaining muscle,should utilize a zero-carb approach to dieting for the best results (also known as a “keto diet”). As a professional natural bodybuilder myself who has prepared for about twenty competitions, as well as one that has coached hundreds of clients, at all levels, whose main goal was to strip off fat without losing … [Read more...]

Eating disorders in men on the rise

It is estimated that nearly 1 million men suffer from eating disorders and this number is on the rise.  Many treatment centers do not accept male patients, as one 29 year old male found out.  This is something that needs to change as many men need to seek treatment.  Signs of eating disorders in males can include, but are not limited to: over exercising, excessive energy drink consumption, substance abuse, use of supplements, and disordered eating patterns.  Read more on males and eating disorders in this article from the Las Vegas Review Journal. … [Read more...]

Exercise For A Healthy Heart

Participating in any type of regular physical activity that gets your heart beating faster will strengthen the heart muscle and help lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, lower blood pressure, relieve stress and reduce the chance of depression. A stronger heart means the blood is pumped more efficiently through the body which also helps increase the “good” cholesterol levels ( HDL) and lower the “bad” cholesterol levels (LDL). There are many other positive benefits from exercising as well: Strengthen your cardiovascular system. Improve your circulation and help your body use … [Read more...]

Anabolic Steroids, Exercise and the Heart…

As a drug-free-for-life professional bodybuilder I made the decision very early on to pursue my physique goals without the aid of anabolic steroids. I began weight training at age sixteen, and competed in and won my first competition just a few months shy of my 20th birthday. It was right after winning this title, The Natural Mr. Eastern USA, that I became even more serious about my bodybuilding pursuits. I started to talk with every high-level bodybuilder at my gym (and there were many), about what I needed to do to take things to the next level. One particular subject was brought up again … [Read more...]