About Loretta Mostofi (BS, Certificate III & IV Personal Training)

Loretta Mostofi is a certified personal trainer from Sydney, Australia. She is an Australian and World Natural Figure Champion and fitness model. Her passion is in physical transformation through fitness, weight loss and resistance training. Since a very young age she has embraced a healthy and active lifestyle through athletics, indoor/outdoor soccer
and currently enjoys weight training and doing outdoor cardio activities. She is a busy mum who understands the challenges faced by all of us - to maintain a home, a self image, a family and a social life. She is fortunate now to be able to do what she loves; stay fit and encourage others by sharing what she has learned. Her secret to fitness success is that if you train hard and eat well the majority of the time, you will still have plenty of room to enjoy those indulgences that life has to offer. IT'S ALL ABOUT BALANCE!

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What’s for Breakfast?


What did you have for breakfast this morning? Was it toast with jam, bowl of fibre rich cereal with milk, muesli, yogurt, protein shake, bacon and eggs, muffin, coffee, cigarette and a coke or NOTHING! I don’t need to reiterate the benefits of breakfast. Health gurus, nutritionists and doctors all tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most people are educated enough to know not to skip breakfast. The issue lies in determining whether your choice of breakfast is healthy and the correct one for YOU. A client told me, “I eat cereal every morning because supposedly it is … [Read more...]



Who can relate to the scenario of each year making new year’s resolutions and then realizing that the year has passed you by and once again you have failed at achieving your expectations? I would like to help you with some strategies to make 2012 the year of change.   We often tend to set ourselves huge expectations such as losing weight, stop smoking or drinking, etc . It all seems good at the start when for the first 2 days of the new year you are disciplined to not light up a cigarette, but then by day 3 your vulnerabilities and old habits get the better of you. You say to … [Read more...]

Guilt Free Holiday Season

Christmas Dinner

Well that time of year has come upon us so soon. With Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays just around the corner and the colder weather approaching, it is common practice for many of us to indulge ourselves with the festive season food. Holidays are a time of relaxing and spending time with family and friends. I don’t think you should feel deprived of enjoying the food that is on offer at this time of year. If you have read many of my other articles, you will know that I do not endorse dieting. The more someone tells you to not eat something, the more likely you are to crave that food and … [Read more...]

Managing Your Child’s Obesity


What I have learnt from being a mother of three is that we tend to parent the same way we were brought up. As a child, I was shown love primarily through food. The amount of food I accepted was my way of showing love, as this was how love was expressed to me. I sometimes find myself doing the same with my sons. I am constantly baking cookies and cupcakes as a token of my love. It wasn’t until I noticed that my older sons were not as active and were indulging in my love cookies that I realised I wasn’t setting a good example. I am now more aware of expressing my love through kisses and cuddles … [Read more...]