Attending Your First Yoga Class

yoga class

So, you have been thinking of attending a yoga class in Naples? That is great since there are many health benefits for both body and mind. Do you feel a bit nervous or intimidated? That is a normal feeling for anyone trying something new. Here are a few tips on attending your first yoga class: What should I wear? Participants in yoga classes normally wear clothing that will let them stretch, bend, and move freely. For pants, it is recommended on wearing either full-length yoga pants or stretch capris. Both are made from stretchy material that is available in fabric that will whisk away … [Read more...]

Recovery Yoga Helps Those with Addiction

recovery yoga

Since 1939, those with addictions have been able to utilize the 12-step program to heal themselves of their addiction. Recovery yoga works with both the 12-step method and yoga as a holistic approach to addressing the multi-dimensional self.  In essence, addiction tends to “separate” the self from ourselves and those around us. Yoga is a discipline that unionizes the self physically, mentally and spiritually. In addition to those individuals who are battling through mental or physical addictions, those who are affected by someone going through an addiction can benefit from recovery yoga. … [Read more...]

Laughter Yoga: Laugh Your Way to Happiness

laughter yoga

Laughter yoga is taking center stage in the world of integrative services. When was the last time you had a really good laugh? The kind that almost makes you cry? Do you remember how good you felt after that laughter? It is scientifically proven that laughter releases the “feel good” hormone endorphins. Laughter yoga classes have popped up all over the country because of the health benefits it gives its participants. Your brain does not recognize the difference between organic laughter and purposeful laughter. You are able to laugh without a joke or anything silly occurring. Since laughter … [Read more...]

Family Activities Help During Transitions

family activities

What we all know about life is that it is ever-changing. We age, change occupations, move homes, get married, divorce, have babies, etc. Change is a beautiful occurrence because it is a chance for you to grow. Growth, however, can prove to be difficult both for the body and the mind. Family activities and counseling can help these tough transitions by assisting parents and their children in coping with change. Here are some ways that families can come together to support each other through tough times. Let go of unnecessary tasks during this time. You can let the laundry sit a bit longer, … [Read more...]