Slim Down with your Spouse – Fun Summer Activities


Summer is here and NOW is the time to enjoy the wonderful weather.  Who else better to enjoy it with?  Your spouse!  Life is getting busier and busier and our relationships seem to be more and more strained. Have you heard about couples having "date night"?  Well what about "daytime date" or "fitness fun"? As we get older, we seem to make things more complex than they really are.  What about the good old days when we were kids and "played" with simple things like Frisbees?  Do you remember how much fun a Frisbee can be? There is a rapidly growing sport activity called disc golf.   It's a … [Read more...]

Sugar Survival Secrets


When I consult with new clients, a recurring theme I often find is that clients are eating too infrequently and consume MUCH more sugar than they should. Eating too infrequently is quite obvious, but the sugars are often hidden, and most people have no idea how much sugar they consume on a daily basis. Americans are addicted to sugar. On average, we consume 355 calories per day, from sugar alone. That's approximately 22 teaspoons!   When you think about lining up 22 teaspoons, you say "I don't eat that much sugar", but trust me, you do. There are hidden sugars in so many places that you … [Read more...]

Happy wife = happy heart


You've heard the expression "A happy wife equals a happy life", right? Well what about "A happy wife equals a happy heart"? Believe it or not, but they ARE related. In October of last year, I got married :) For the first and ONLY time! When we made the decision to tie the knot, we couldn't be happier! Planning the wedding was so exciting. However, it was interesting to listen to people around us and their reactions to the announcement, particularly my soon-to-be husband's friends..."why would you do that"..."the old ball and chain"..."are you crazy? I'd love to get rid of my wife", and on … [Read more...]

Stay Fit While You Plan Your Wedding


Sounds impossible, right?  A few weeks ago, I got married, yay!  Partially due to cost, and partially because I like control, I didn't hire a wedding planner.  I decided I'd plan an out of state wedding, on my own.  I like to stay busy...busy is an understatement.  I'm sure everyone has been to a wedding right?  Hopefully everything appeared calm, cool and collected.  Mine did, at least from the outside.  Behind the scenes there is alot of scurrying and rushing and coordinating.  I don't like being late...and certainly all of our guests wouldn't care for it too much either.  But let me tell … [Read more...]