Nutrition for YOU!


What defines proper nutrition?  In 1956, the US Department of Agriculture introduced the "Four Basic Food Groups".  After years of research, the USDA released the first "Food Pyramid" in 1992 - with the largest section, the bottom, consisting of 6-11 servings of grains.  Many people don't realize that the food pyramid was reorganized, so instead of being stacked, with carbohydrates being the majority, to linear - more like rays, and most importantly, more evenly distributed.  While that is a great start, there are still very specific guidelines about proper distribution of fats, protein and … [Read more...]

Healthy Heart = Healthy Woman

Did you know that women experience different symptoms for a heart attack than men?  Believe it...we do!  Many women don't even realize they may be having a heart attack, since the symptoms are less severe than men. Symptoms include: sweats and clammy skin crushing chest pain nausea and dizziness stomach / abdominal pain difficulty breathing / shortness of breath crushing chest pain pressure in your shoulders, back, neck, arms and jaw tightness in chest, difficulty getting full breaths, squeezing feeling in the center of your chest anxiety, or even weakness If you, or … [Read more...]

New Woman in the New Year


As a woman, and a fellow household decision maker, I understand the struggles women face with juggling a job, a house, a spouse, a social life, and a strong desire to be fit and healthy.  Even more, what if you have children???  Where can someone possibly find any more time in the day?  As it is, you barely feel like you have time to wash your hair and do your makeup, right? This New Year, make a resolution to be good to yourself.  Make YOU a priority!  Women have the tendency to put everyone else first - children, husband/spouse, family, friends, work, and so on.  Realize that YOU being … [Read more...]

Use It or Lose It


Remember when you were in school and your parents and teachers would tell you "Use it or lose it"? That statement refers to exercising your brain. We must use it every single day, or you will find, one day, over time, that your mental capacity has lessened. Have you ever been good at crossword puzzles, sudoku, or search-a-word games?  Have you ever taken a considerable "vacation" from those mental games, and upon your return, you're not quite as good? The same is true for our bodies. In this crazy world we live in, we take on more and more responsibilities, and leave less and less time for … [Read more...]