Does your family have a healthful diet?

According to a survey published in USA Today Health, only 1 in 3 parents think their family has a healthful diet.  This is not very surprising considering the state of health in our nation.  Most surveyed do not know caloric count in many of the products they eat on a daily basis.  Additionally, more than half of the parents surveyed felt that their activity level was fair or poor.  The majority (74%) did however feel that their kids activity level was good or very good.  Although many kids get plenty of activity,  this number seems high.  Kids are not nearly as active as they used to be and … [Read more...]

Convenient healthy snacks for your children

Most American families are busy and on the go. Full of school, work, team sporting events, housekeeping, and daily activities. With all we do in a day it is tough to not want to just seek the convenience of fast food and packages snacks for the kids. I am a large believer in convenience; always on the go and I know I must be prepared to instill good healthy eating habits in my daughter. Ill be the first to admit it is challenging at times but I do my best to keep her aware of nutrition and the importance of it. Children are always picky eaters and we need to make sure they are getting … [Read more...]

Is it Worth the Price?


The price for the years of poor nutrition is brutally high.  And it’s not just the person who ignores their health that suffers.  The ones who love them suffer deeply, as they hurt when they see their loved one suffer.   We have all heard of people with emphysema and lung cancer who will take off their oxygen mask to smoke a cigarette, because the ‘addiction is too strong’.    How selfish.  They are hurting the ones closest to them more than themselves.  It’s the same with food.   People know they are sick and yet refuse to give up the very things that caused the sickness to begin with. Is … [Read more...]

Healthy eating into the holidays!

friends at a restaurant

We are coming up on the wonderful but often dreaded holiday season when it comes to weight struggles.  With holiday parties, big family meals, and food gifts it is hard not to put on that typical 5-10 pounds over the holidays. Going into Thanksgiving, remember that it is ONE meal on ONE day.  Thanksgiving should not last all week long as far as your eating is concerned.  Leftovers are great and I suggest using them, but be conscious of the leftovers that you choose.  You can use leftover turkey and vegetables to create a great meal.  Apple pie…not so much! If you decide to treat yourself, … [Read more...]