My Passion For Fitness

Loretta Mostofi

I am a personal trainer from Sydney, Australia. My passion since an early age has always been to be active and healthy. With the numerous years of experience and knowledge I have gained in the fitness industry, I now thrive on helping others achieve superior results in becoming leaner, fitter and healthier. My parents are Italian and food played a large part of our lives. In a Mediterranean background love is expressed through food and how much you eat. I was never thin nor fat growing up but was always on the larger side. I did play alot of sports, Little Athletics, Netball and Soccer (which … [Read more...]

The Holiday Wand


It's not enough that moms have to juggle kids, husbands, multiple schedules, school demands and meals along with their personal time to stay sane and healthy 11 months out of the year. Now moms have to add the holiday season and the grand calendar finale of December to the mix. Looking back, I remember my own dutiful mother 'running around like a chicken with her head cut off’, yet remaining gracious and pleasant about Christmas. (Did she keep a bottle of mulled wine in the closet to escape from time to time?) I doubt she even had the time... My sister and I had all the traditional joys of … [Read more...]

Why Am I Passionate About Health & Fitness?

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Why am I passionate about health and fitness? Honestly---because I am ANGRY!!!  I'm mad as heck and I'm not going to take it anymore!  And anger fuels intense passion!  My passion and hope is to open the eyes of everyone I can possibly touch to the travesties being foisted upon our health every day by people, organizations, corporations, and governments that we blindly trust to have our best interests at heart--but they DON'T!  They have the best interests of their bottom line, stockholders, & profits at heart! The best way to improve those profit numbers is by keeping as many people … [Read more...]

Where do you store your fat?


A recent study by the Mayo Clinic shows that whether you store "belly fat" or "booty fat" can have an impact on overall health.  We have heard for years that "belly fat" leads to a higher risk of heart disease, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and other factors leading to metabolic syndrome.  The study conducted on 28 volunteers proves that while "booty fat" increases the number of fat cells, "belly fat" actually increases the size of existing fat cells.  An interesting point that they make, however, is that an increase in lower body fat may actually decrease developing risk factors … [Read more...]