Guy’s Guide To Slim Trim Grilling


The summer months mean it’s time for the guys to put on their aprons and dust off the grill. It seems all men are in their element with charcoal and spatula. Summer is also a time we want to slim down as we replace the sweaters and coats with shorts and bathing suits. So guys how can you get those flat abs back and still enjoy the back yard BBQ? It’s easy! Choose lean proteins. Not only do high fat meats add unwanted calories they also can have a negative effect on heart health. Instead of choosing high fat meats like ribs, sausage and prime rib choose leaner cuts. Try salmon, shrimp … [Read more...]

Power Yoga for Swimsuit Season


As part of your workout regimen to get ready for swimsuit season, why not try a vigorous form of yoga called power yoga? Power yoga, or power vinyasa, yoga, is a flowing series of postures, or asanas, linked together one to the next through the breath. Because you are moving through the poses at a quicker pace than other forms of yoga, you can burn up to 500 calories or more in an hour-long practice! Most people don’t think of yoga as a way to help you lose weight, but practicing power yoga helps build a swimsuit-ready body in the following ways: 1) Power yoga utilizes a type of breathing … [Read more...]

Interval Training on the Treadmill

One of my favorite cardio machines to use is the treadmill. There are so many varieties of intervals that can be done. It is easy to vary the speed, incline, run, walk, and gallop to the side. With so many options, you are sure to not be bored with interval training. I am not a big fan of running. For me personally, it just isn't fun, so if you don't like to run, then this is a perfect alternative. The intervals will increase your heart rate and therefore, help you burn more calories. Try this fun and challenging "get ready for spring" workout. It won't take you hours at the gym, because let's … [Read more...]