Panic Attacks: Get Relief Through Yoga

panic attacks

Our society places a lot of pressure on us in regards to work, family life, and our self-image which creates stress. This stress can manifest itself into physical and mental ailments if you carry it for too long or take on too much in your life. Anxiety brought on by stress can range from mild to debilitating. Some individuals experience extreme cases of panic attacks brought on by stress that limits their life incredibly. Panic attacks involve cases of overwhelming anxiety. When a panic attack occurs, it can escalate quickly and can make the individual feel physical and mental symptoms. … [Read more...]

Which Type of Counseling is Right for You?


In the field of psychotherapy, there are many modalities. For those seeking counseling, finding the right method that works for them is crucial. Sometimes it is just a matter of trying out the different styles to see which one you connect with. Here are the various types of counseling that you will find here at Monarch Wellness. Talk Therapy: By far the most popular counseling style, and one that many people recognize, is talk therapy. This method involves the client talking about his or her issues and concerns to the therapist. After a few sessions, the counselor can get a clear picture … [Read more...]

Super Set for Super Results


In less time than it takes to watch a few youtube videos, answer emails, or make a cup of coffee, you can burn as many calories as if you were to go for a brisk mile and half walk. You can do this workout at home, outside, at the gym, or in your hotel room – my point is it can go with you wherever you are! This power-packed routine will turn up the intensity with more speed and lots of muscles being simultaneously used. Because it is a full body workout, you will feel not only the core, but the rest of your body engaged and energized. You can burn stress and fat with this high-energy super … [Read more...]

November Diabetes Awareness Month


  Exercise added to nutrition can minus type two diabetes, and result in healthy living altogether. Now that is a formula worth figuring out! Not only can this type of disease be prevented, but also can be eliminated. The month of November is Diabetes Awareness Month so I have found some interesting information to share with you regarding two types of diabetes.   Diabetes is a growing epidemic in the US, not only for men, but women as well. One of the most common and growing types of diabetes is Type two, which is mostly affected by nutrition and exercise. The positive part … [Read more...]