Laughter & Its Benefits on the Body


We all know that feeling we get when we have a giggling fit, laugh with friends, or even see something funny on Facebook that makes us guffaw. What you are feeling is a physiological change in your body. With laughter, your body releases hormones and uses muscles that benefit your body and mind. Laughter has recently been compared to the positive effects that exercise has on the body. Many studies have been conducted on this topic, all concluding the same results. Here is how laughter helps your body and mind: Overall wellbeing: laughter has been shown to release endorphins, just like … [Read more...]

Positive Behavior Family Program in Naples

positive behavior

Is there such a thing as the “perfect” family? No, there is not. Families are composed of different personalities all working together to create a life that is successful and happy. Sometimes, those personalities do not interact well with each other. Other times, external influences can create discord between family members. The key to living free of a stressful family life is by communicating and working together through situations and personality differences. When this becomes difficult, a family program that encourages positive behavior is beneficial to everyone involved. A positive … [Read more...]

Join Men Support Groups for Healing and Advice

men support groups

Our society places men and women into specific roles with expected outcomes for each group. A man is taught the unacceptability of the release of emotions. For example, it is more socially acceptable for a woman to cry than a man. Having an environment in which to express emotion and discuss men’s roles in our society in a safe environment is crucial. Men support groups have popped up around the country to fill this need. Financial burdens and everyday life stressors can be overwhelming for anyone. Men have been programmed to “be tough” and to hold their thoughts and emotions inside of … [Read more...]

Parenting Support Group: Uplift, Learn, Share


Being a parent has many challenges. There isn’t a manual to tell you what to do and sometimes you need to rely on your own sense as a parent to make judgments. As children grow, so do you as a parent. These phases in life can be stressful and difficult for everyone in the family. Reaching out for parenting support group can help you in the daily life as a parent. Just like any job, there are certain skills in being a positive parent and role model to your child. Not everyone has the skills passed on from their parents, so a support group is ideal for anyone who is struggling with the stress … [Read more...]