Kids Yoga: 5 Reasons to Sign Your Child Up for Classes

kids yoga

When you think of yoga class, you probably envision adults in lotus positions sitting quietly on their mats. It might be difficult to imagine a group of kids sitting still on mats for any length of time. But, they can and they do! Kids yoga is very beneficial in their growth. Children have stress in their lives, just as adults. They have schoolwork, relationships with peers, self-esteem issues, their bodies are growing, relationships with family, and organized activities. Taking a kids’ yoga class can be very beneficial for their growing mind and bodies. Here are some benefits that can come … [Read more...]

September is National Yoga Awareness Month

Yoga Collage

Did you know that for the whole month of September, the Yoga Health Foundation calls for individuals, families and groups to acknowledge and celebrate the wonderful benefits of yoga? It is a campaign to encourage everyone to create a healthy lifestyle based on prevention and is a perfect opportunity to get started with a practice that will nourish you for a lifetime. Practicing yoga has innumerable proven benefits. From a physical standpoint, yoga stretches and tones muscles, increases flexibility, improves respiratory function and reduces pain and inflammation all over the body. As for the … [Read more...]